Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow

Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow

By: R.C. Sproul

The title of this book pretty well sums up what it’s about. The five things are Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Service and Stewardship. One chapter is dedicated to each of these topics and Sproul closes the book with a solid Q and A chapter. This book would be a great resource for new Christians who need to learn about the basics of religious practice. It’s also good for anyone more established in his faith to brush up on his fundamental of Christian living. So then it’s good for anyone. The book itself was easily understood and written and a very practical and personal level. Very good work. My only real problem is on the Stewardship chapter. I believe in giving but I reject the tithe on theological grounds. The chapter is clearly in favor of the tithe but I don’t believe Sproul did a good job of supporting his view Biblically. He tries a little and did a better job than most but I’m just not convinced. Let the reader judge for himself. Minor disagreement aside I still recommend the book.

Thank you to Reformation Trust Publishing who provided for free the book that was the topic of this review.

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