The Truth Of The Cross

The Truth Of The Cross

By: R.C. Sproul

This is overall, I feel, an outstanding book. It is a very clear, and well written as well, explanation of the Cross. This is among my favorite topics and this is certainly one of the best treatments on this topic. I do have one problem with the book though. The ninth chapter was terrible. It was about the doctrine known as limited atonement. Now, its not that I don’t believe in limited atonement, though I admit I don’t. I have no problem reading defenses of  doctrines I disagree with, its just that Sproul did a rather poor job of covering the topic in this book. I don’t really desire to go over point by point with all the problems partly because I wouldn’t want what I feel to be a weak spot to stop someone from reading an otherwise great book. I recommend this book for everyone.

Thank you to Reformation Trust Publishing who provided for free the book that was the topic of this review.

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