Lifeviews: Make A Christian Impact On Culture And Society

By: R.C. Sproul

My overall feelings towards Lifeviews is completely positive. This is one of the better books by one of my more read authors. An easy laymens level book, Sproul does an excellent job of surveying the various worldviews that effect our society and giving Christian perspectives on several top issues of our day. A great read.

First off, the survey of the dominate worldviews in our culture. Secularism, Existentialism, Humanism, Pragmatism, Positivism, Pluralism and Hedonism are clearly defined and evaluated. He reviews these worldview’s beliefs, origins and implications as well as demonstrates their shortcomings to Biblical Theism.

Next Sproul gives Biblical Christian perspectives to the issues of the economy, science, art, literature an government. Reviewing errors Christians have made in these areas, alternate points of view and Biblical responses. This book thoroughly educates the Christian on these issues.

I highly recommend this book. Whether you seeking to understand differing worldviews, contemporary issues, or just want a good read. This book is superb.

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