Is The Big Bang Biblical?

Is The Big Bang Biblical? And 99 Other Questions

By: John D. Morris

Is the big bang Biblical? No. Is this book? Yes. A great handbook of questions and answers addressing issues that concern the thinking Christian from a Biblical Creationist perspective. In our days of compromise is it both refreshing and exciting to see ministries like The Institute For Creation Research producing such high quality and thoroughly Biblical resources.

This book addresses 104 (the 100 mentioned plus 4 bonus questions) that are relevant to the modern thinking question. It is well written at an every-person reading level. The answers are brief and to the point. He doesn’t beat around the bush but gives direct informative answers to these questions.

Very similar to Did Adam Have a Belly Button? and Did Eve Really Have an Extra Rib? by Ken Ham (which you will also enjoy of you enjoy this book) and probably the motivating force behind them, this book is a great resource for anyone full of questions or who knows someone who is. Also ideal for anyone hungry for more interesting and Biblically and scientifically accurate information. This book equips you with answers you’ll want to have.

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