Think Biblically!

Think Biblically! Recovering A Christian Worldview

General Editor: John F. MacArthur Jr. with The Master’s College Faculty

I can make this review very brief. Read it! John MacArthur is quite possibly the finest nationally know Preacher\Bible Teacher today. This book lives up to his normally high standards. Very well written but obviously written by a group of college professors. Still, not that difficult to understand even if you don’t usually read this type of book.

This book has many upsides and virtually no draw backs. It clearly demonstrates that John MacArthur is a Prepositionalist. I commend the book for presenting the Gospel accurately, as well as teaching a literal Genesis, upholding genuine worship, supporting Christian alternatives to secular education and psychology and defending Biblical views of politics and the roles of men and women. It genuinely presents and defends a Christian worldview. Much more couldn’t be asked for.

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